Ballerina Tea

Is there anyone else

Who would be willing to drown

In the endless pool of

Your mind?

I thought that being here meant that I would have a say in how you floated across the floor. Your toes are broken always, but you have to move. You tell me if you stand still, you would die a mortal. The dance made you beautiful, ethereal, magical.

I saw it too in some ways, but I mostly saw how your ribs were more prominent. How your legs withered, despite all the leaps and jumps. Your neck could barely hold your head up if you were off stage. You needed the weight of the crown to keep it from tilting to one side.

Maybe if I were there too

In the land you dwell

I could save you

You said it was all bitter. Not through taste, but just the look of it all made your nose crinkle in that way I have learned to hate. I remember meeting you, somewhere under dim lights. You laughed and your one chipped tooth showed. In time you covered it up, and I guess me too, in a way. You wanted perfection.

It’s like the holes in your shoes


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